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Prajun Pradhan # 00


Almighty Captain!

Class: Physics B (I.Sc 2nd year - 12th grade)

Height: 5'11"

Favorite footwear on the court: Nike, Reebok, Fila, Kamalhi (hatti chhap chappal when my shoes yearn for super glue or the cobbler)

Basketball Hero: Shaquille O' Neal, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Grant Hill & Prajun Pradhan (kidding) !

Basketball movies you've watched: White Men Can't Jump, Space Jam, Above The Rim, Eddie

Superstition: I don't believe 'superstition' plays any role when I step on the court. All I do is play with the attitude of a winner, abiding the rules in the true spirit of a sporstman (Reminds you of the Olympic Oath, doesn't it?)         

Losing Line: 1. "Damn, I hate losing!" when the team loses badly.

2. "Shit!" (Repeatedly) when the team loses by a point or a close match

3. "We'll kick your fat *ss next time" when the opposition's too damn cocky

The first thing you normally do when you win: It comes in stages:

1. SMILE and raise my hands in the air, "#1 BABY!"'

2. Shake hands with the foes

3. Thank the Refs (only if they're not bias)

4. Throw up a party provided that I have enough dough

5. Go home, take a shower, eat up as much as I can, sleep for at least 15 hrs

How you feel about being in the college team: It's fun. I enjoy playing for the HOOPS a lot!

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