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Ankur Tumbahanfe # 8

Class: Physics A (I.Sc. 2nd year - 12th grade)

Height: 5'5"

Favorite footwear on the court: FILA

Basketball Hero: Antony Hardaway, Tony Cucoch, Scottie Pippen, Shawn Kemp

Basketball movies you've watched: Air Up There, Eddie, Sunset Park, Above the Rim

Superstition: If the games were televised, I probably sacrifice a chicken to the ball; but since none of them are, I don't really have any superstitions.

Losing Line: The ball had too much air in it; bad passes...

The first thing you normally do when you win: Jump up and down, congratulate the others.

How you feel about being in the College Team: It's great! At least it's something other than studies and you feel kind of cool when you're out on the court wearing your jersey.

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