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Ashish Khadka # 12


Class: Biology A (I.Sc 2nd year - 12th grade)

Height: 5'8"

Favorite footwear on the court: Nike, Bossini, Fila & last but not the least, Nepali tennis shoes

Basketball Hero: I - myself (just jokin!).. Rodman, Jordan

Basketball movies you've watched: Above The Rim, White Men Can't Jump, Space Jam, Eddie

Superstition: Same old things - shoes upside down, black cat crossing the road.. bring bad luck, as I am a superstitious man.

Losing Line: Usually nothing.. but I'd say "we have played our game. Our defense was good, our offense was good, our game was good. But we lost!"

The first thing you normally do when you win: Jump 3 times in the centre of the court! Joking! Firstly, I'd go and shake hands with theopponents and say 'nice game!' (hopefully). Then I'd clap my hands loud enough for others to join in.

How you feel about being in the college team: It's a good thing to be in the college team. We get to play good basketball, meet old friends, get to know new people AND nice girls...

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