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 Rohan Chitrakar # 16

Class: Physics II (I.Sc. 1st year -11th grade)

Height: 5'8"

Favorite footwear on the court: Air Jordan's (but they're too small for me now)

Basketball Hero: Jordan, of course

Basketball movies you've watched: Space Jam, Blue Chips, The Air Up There, White Men Can't Jump (favorite B-ball movie), Eddie...

Superstition: If I make all my practice shots in, then I know I am not going to get them during the game.. so....

Losing Line: Shit! *#@! Oh well, better luck next time

The first thing you normally do when you win: Jump up and down. Pull my pants down a bit, but not too much

How you feel about being in the College Team: It makes me feel like a big boy... no, just kidding. Proud. That's all.

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